I play on two worship teams (transitioning from one to the other) and I was playing on Easter Sunday when my strap came off and my guitar fell It was fine but this is the second time that my guitar has fallen. The first time the tuning rod was cracked but miraculously they were able to fix it... this time I'm not sure it wasn't cracked even more because I'm having to almost constantly tighten the strings. I have been looking at different guitars, I really want an electric acoustic and I want one that will last a long time. Right now I have a Fender DG-7 and this is the guitar I'm looking at getting:


Please look at it and let me know what you think! any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

God bless!
Ibanez makes some nice electrics, but the general consensus is that their acoustics are pretty marginal. Also, that one is REALLY cheap.
What's your budget?
200 bucks is about as "low as you can go"....An entry-level instrument at best. By saving your pennies and going up to about the 500 dollar price point, you'll be getting a much nicer instrument that will "last a long time"..

And.....Buy some strap-locks while you're at it.