I ply rock/metal and been wanting a tube amp. How would this sound, a hughes and kettner head and a blackstar 1x12? I live in an apartment so low watt fits me good especially since I will never play out, no desire...my budget is 400- so that is why i chose blackstar.What do you think?
I have a Tubemeister 5 and the gain sounds like ass. It's also not that quiet. I'd stay away.
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Not nearly enough information. At least tell us the model of head and cab you're talking about.

What do you want to sound like? What do you currently have?
As usual : Low watt amps are no better for apartments than high wattage amps. In fact in many cases Class A amps with EL84 tubes will have a "minimum" volume which is often far too loud for an apartment.

Why do you want a head and cab? You'll get way more for your money if you buy a combo and since you're spending such a low amount you're really going to want to get the best you possibly can.