So I am going to buy a godin redline HB. So I only have a budget of 250$ for my processor or amp. I play classic rock, metal, blues and sometimes I like to play on clean tone. So in short i want a versatille amp or a processor. 250$ is too little I know but thats the budget. So should I get a multieffects processor like digiflip element with a normal amp or an amp with built in effects like vypyr 30. I have also been looking at vox vt 40 plus. Help me out
Edit: Ok. So thank you for all the responses. Here are my options. Either i take a good modelling amp. Or an amp (which i can use after I outgrow modelling amp) with some basic pedals for distortion and reverb which i think i can sqeeze in if i increase my budget a bit and then on later stage i can work with multifx. Or I can get a line 6 but then again i will need a cabinet i guess. So I think I will go with second option. Will just get basic pedals like bad monkey and then as i save some money will add a reverb and then some other. What do you think?
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i faced a buying decision a bit similar to this a while a ago, so here is what i went for:
the line6 amplifi fx100 (as far as i know they just released a follow up, so you might get a fwe percent off of the fx100...)
you plug in your guitar, i goes through dozens of FX & amp emulation and then you can output it eiher:
-to headphhones
-to Loudspeakers (Lineinput - you might need an adapter, check your speakers)
-to a Cabinet
(if you don't send it out to a cabinet, the device will emulate one)
-you can control all effects etc. from your phone (iOS 7+/Android)
via bleutooth & listen to music/backing-track via bluetooth as well!

this little thing always shows me, that the future is now :-)
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guess you're going to have to ask yourself what is really important. for that money you could buy a used Peavey Valveking which will get you may of the tones you want with little or no help. adding an overdrive like a digitech bad monkey will help even more. this can be done for your budget or perhaps just a tad bit more.

if you feel you really need a bunch of fx right now then something like the Vypyr would be the plan.
Ok, how much money would you pay for a used amp. Good condition. Because a dealer here is not giving much of a discount.
At that price, I think i should take a new one. That guy is giving me a 12.5%.discount.
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Ok, how much money would you pay for a used amp. Good condition. Because a dealer here is not giving much of a discount.
At that price, I think i should take a new one. That guy is giving me a 12.5%.discount.

well that depends on what amp. where are you located. here in the US you can find a used Valveking for under $250 all day. there are of course tons of other amps as well. as for a discount 12.5% off of what exactly?
Do you have an amp now? You probably won't outgrow a multifx as soon as you would an amp with built-in fx. Although, that Line 6 Amplifi looks intriguing. I went to try one of those a couple weeks ago but I couldn't figure out how to work it, technology frightens me, lol. You might be able to squeeze in something like a Zoom G3 or Multistomp and a powered wedge. I'd go that route before a modeling amp but that's just me.
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IMO even multi-effects amp modelers like the POD don't even come to life unless they are in the effects loop of a nice amp :/ Direct outs never sounded very good to me. Of course a lot of that might be user error, on both my part and others. But I do remember hearing a direct comparison between a direct out and the effects loop of a tube amp, the later sounded better.

I think it would be best for TS to either get a decent modelling amp (Tube 60) or an amp he/she can use after one might "outgrow" modeling amps (ValveKing) and work towards a multi-effects later. I would go the later route.
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You should be able to afford a Line 6 Spider Valve 112 MKI or even MKII for that amount. In my opinion as a former owner it's an extremely underrated amp. Usually underrated by people that have either never used one or taken the time, and it does take a lot of time to dial in great tones. I dissed my spider valve for a long time too but if you keep at it there are some great tones in there. I wish I'd never sold mine to be honest!

I've also owned a Vox Valvetronix VT20+ which again isn't a bad little amp but nowhere near as good as the SV when it comes to tone as far as I'm concerned.

Hope this helps.
I'd go a little off the beaten path and suggest Tech 21 TM30 or TM60:

I'd go TM60 as you have two switchable channels:

Solid state analog modeling amp that takes to pedals and sounds great, if you don't want to go tube that is

I would probably advise you to get a tube or solid state amp with good sound and supplement with pedals as needed, overdrive first if you need more gain. The reason I am offering you the Tech21 is because they are all analog and can handle multiple sounds, so you get the best of both worlds.

Otherwise versatile used Laney LC15 or VC15 would do great.
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