Anyone know variations of a G chord? Some songs I do I position my fingers in such a way that I don't move certain ones very much, example:

E: 0-7-9-9-0-0
A: 0-0-2-2-0-0
C#m: 0-4-6-6-0-0
B: 0-2-4-4-0-0
D: 0-5-7-7-0-0
Bm: 0-0-4-4-3-2

All of these I move up and down the neck, keeping my ring finger and pinky on the same strings... I'm looking to add "G" to my list so I can do songs in D without having to change around much, anyone know where that is on the fretboard?
Sticking to your formula, you can play G like this: 3-5-5-0-0-0
Although most people play it as 3-2-0-0-3-3

Also, I'd just like you to know, for future reference, that The Pit is our off-topic forum, and all questions related to buying, maintaining and playing guitars are better off asked in the other sections. Most people here don't even play guitar.