any of you who know me should know the drill. melodic prog metal, but this time with a bit of a speed/thrash metal theme (i was listening to a lot of battlecross and testament at the time). started it a few months ago and forgot about it (writers block and whatnot). all input (but preferably specific) is appreciated!
new prog.gp5
Apathy is bliss.gp5.zip
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Digging the first riff a lot, very melodic, simplistic yet the chord colorations you put in are all justified and always add something nice and interesting. Very well constructed, I like it. The only thing I would say is during certain measures such as 16 17 when you hold out the same note tremolo picked for so long, I would do something to switch it up a bit. Not necessarily a guitar lick, but that's a good place (where the guitar leaves space to breathe) to do something like a bass lick or maybe a drum fill, something to keep it interesting without necessarily being too flashy.

Heavy riff A is standard fare, solid, nothing to say.

The transition at 52 is kind of a huge cop-out, I think you can do better than that :P.

I like the more chaos part overall. I like the idea of putting more than one snare between each measure to keep the flow, but I think you could add a bit more coloration to keep that flow without m aking it sound like, measure, stop, measure, stop (either by doing a bit more really small 1 beat drum fills, more variation, or some bass licks, whatever). It's just to try to get it to flow a little better, not that it's bad at all as is.

Verse 1a is standard thrash fare, but solid. Dig it.

I'm not really a fan of the interplay between the guitar and the bass in the pre-chorus, that's probably the only part of the song I genuinely do not like.

Absolutely love the chorus, catchy, nice chords, good drums, great bass, it's really really solid as far as choruses go.

One thing I need to mention is that every instrument really does its role well, the drums and the bass are doing just what they need to do to make everything sound better and that's a skill not everyone posesses, even when writing simpler stuff. This is pretty damn good I dig it.

If you're interested I have a new WIP up; probably not your style, but if you wanna check it out, here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1675014
i really like your bass-fill idea. definitely going to implement it

the idea behind that transition at 52 was supposed create silence to amplify the "explosiveness" of the sudden chaos part, and the guitar-bass interplay was supposed to be some dream theater-esque dissonant counterpoint, but ill try to think of some alternatives

im glad that my thrash elements/riffs arent too "run-of-the-mill" (like i said, i had been listening to a lot of thrash at the time). by all means, let me know if they are. ill also work on the flow of the chaos part like you mentioned. if you have any ideas for it (or any of the other parts mentioned) though, id love to hear them

i appreciate comment on the instruments and their roles. thats something i strive for, and its nice to hear that im getting better at it thanks dude! ill check out your tab after i eat dinner
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Holy ass! This thing rips pretty hard in places, the first half especially. So thrashy. The intro was super intense. Loved the speedy drums. The riff itself was really catchy. "Da hevy riff a" was nice af. Rhythmic chugging done right. The runs at 43 and 51 were very stylish. The "CHAOS" section had a great feel. Those snare hits were perfectly placed and make it groove just right. Loved when you added the harmonies. Also, the bass line here is cool, so I wish it was louder. I dug the odd timed runs at the end of the section. Very wild. Verse 1a is another demonstration of catchy thrash riffing. Pre-chorus was exceptionally heavy. Again, loved the harmonies you added. They were so dank. Great rhythms in the chorus.

You pull off the typical core-y set up & breakdown pretty well in the (C)hug riff bit, but I wonder if something else could replace it. I just remember hearing too many bands doing pretty much that same thing back in high school. I'm fine with the Bursting with joy, proud swagger, and moment of reflection riffs themselves, but I don't know if they work in the context of what came before them. For me, anyway.

Maybe its a personal bias, cause I'm not a fan of bands going directly from aggressive to breaking into a really happy riff out of the blue. It goes from being this fairly snarling and semi-melodic thrash beast to a happy post-hardcore song with very djentish note choice (which I'm not the biggest fan of). That doesn't vibe with me all that much. The showdown riff doesn't sell as well as the previous breakdown for me. Maybe cause it wasn't coming off of riffs that really resonated with me, but also because the rests in the guitars make it feel a bit more generic than before. Even with a solo over it, I feel like it would be weak in comparison to other parts. Solo B and D were perfectly serviceable, though. And the chorus onwards was a fine way to close out. Despite those complaints, I still had a good time with it!
i left gaps in the rhythm for the solo so that it would draw more attention to the solo itself (once i wrote it). also the (c)hug riff was more so an inspiration from "flesh and bone" by battlecross (like i said in the description, most of this song was inspired by battlecross and/or testament). the crushing chugging was supposed to serve as a juxtaposition with the happy major ambience

but if you have any ideas for how to change/improve these riffs, id love to hear them