Over a couple years of upgrading a Squier I bought about six or seven years ago, I've finally made a Strat that I am completely happy with.

The guitar started as a Squier Deluxe Stratocaster but then I started replacing the parts piece by piece:

- I added the pinstriping decals and blue pearloid pickguard
- Replaced the bridge with a Super Vee bladerunner
- Added a Fishman Triple Play
- Replaced the neck with a 1989 MIJ hotrod reissue neck (12 inch radius being the important thing)
- Had the neck scalloped, the inlays replaced, and new stainless steel frets put in
- YJM pickups added
- Neck plate with a falcon on it because falcons are badass
- The only original Squier part is the basswood body which I am keeping because I love the sound as it is

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Thoroughly cool! Nice build! HNPartsGD! Enjoy the hell out of it!
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I'm digging your partscaster a lot man. HNPGD
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Cool, your Strat is turning Japanese I really think so
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nawww, the design ended up getting covered up a lot by the Fishman pickup transmitter.
i must say that you made one of an awesome guitar. IMO that is the reason to upgrade, you have done things that you couldn't have done by buying a higher dollar guitar. it is unique and totally functional.

nice work!
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