Hello, thanks for the crit on my track! This song has an awesome riff throughout, really upbeat and rocking! And I like how basic the drums are too. I feel this song is catchy because its stuck in my head right after listening haha. Great chorus and melody... I don't feel I can say many bad things at all about this track. its cool!
Hey man. This is well put together- can definitely imagine hearing this on the radio. It is well recorded and sensibly produced. Well done on the solo- nicely played and not trying to cram in too many notes. I would put fewer effects on the vocals but that's personal preference. Also the vocals seemed a little loud in the first verse but to be honest beyond that I didn't notice at all. All in all, an enjoyable listen. Keep up the good work!

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catchy song . the lead guitar sound didn't really work for me but for the song worked ok. not really my kind of music but i found the song to be rather enjoyable.

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