...And I picked it up today and thought "this thing is soooo heavy". I started looking at it and messing around with it. It's not in good playing shape, it's been in a basement when it flooded, but the wood seems fine, it's just that the metal is rusty and brown and such. So I'd be replacing all the hardware and pickups and such. It's an old Martin Stinger SSX in black. Wondering if anyone here has upgraded one and knows how easy it'd be to replace parts, and if Fender parts will work. I'm already hyped out of my mind and this will probably be my first mod!=D And it'll just turn into an all out partscaster type thing.
IIRC these guitars are MIK and are plywood bodies. Im not sure if hardware like tremolos and PGs will fit but you could measure that yourself and compare them to Fender spec to see if you can get replacement parts.
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The SSX's were about $300-350 back in 1986, and a reasonable example might be worth that today. Martin didn't make a lot of headway with their electric offerings precisely because Martin was so completely identified with acoustics. There's a good chance this is NOT a direct fit for Fender pieces; you'll want to proceed carefully in that regard. There's a reasonable chance that the original pickups are still okay (you should be able to check them for continuity, etc.). You might want to limit your "modding" to refreshing the screws and other seriously rusted bits. The necks on these were actually very good; if it's not seriously screwed up, you might be well advised to use what's on there rather than slapping some aftermarket thing on there; you'll trash whatever value it might have if you lose the original bits.
Good! I thought the neck was indeed pretty nice. It's in good shape. Straight as an arrow too! It's got some browning but that's about it. Frets are actually pretty decent as well. The tuners are pretty loose, and the anything metal on the body is pretty corroded. The chrome on the bridge leaves it with a deceitful appearance. I kind of just wanted to make it a good player. Do you think it might actually be sellable as is? I doubt it but still....
I'd honestly just get it back in working order as stock as possible (maybe a pickup swap), then you'll have it functional, and a wild card guitar that not many people have seen.
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Congrats on the very rare guitar in the basement find
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Oh I know my mom rocks. lol. My parents actually want to fund this project. So that's pretty neat. It'll be my first real guitar project. Thanks for the replies.=D I will be documenting the mods.=D Pics and such when it happens. Could be a couple weeks.