OK. So I am creating my second pedal board soon and I want to make sure I get the config right

So what I've got is an MXR Distortion Plus, Electro Harmonix Memory Boy Analog Delay, Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff Fuzz, TC Electronic Spark Booster and Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner. I am also using a T-Rex fuel tank junior and my amp is a Vox AC30 C2X.

So if you could show me which orders I could possibly link them up in and the advantage to doing it in that order that would be fantastic thanks.

If you could show me in this format it'd be great thanks: Amp > ... > ... > ... > ... > ... > Guitar
For the cleanest signal chain, now what i'm going to say is based on my experience of what sounds better, but this is my opinion... Amp>EH analog delay>little big muff> mxr distortion plus> spark booster> tuner> Guitar

Now, i recommend putting the delay in the effects loop for better sound, because i personally love it that way... But if you dont have an effects loop, just do it as mentioned above...also, for the spark booster, if it's the mini spark then it wont do much after the mxr distortion plus, but if it's not, then you're good

The reason for keeping the tuner straight away after the guitar is because you want the best signal to be received by the tuner from the guitar

Basically, this is all just preference, it's up to you to adjust accordingly to get the sound that you want
^ i got confused there for a second but then i saw you started at the amp

you could also put the booster last if you want to get an overall boost at the end. or put it near the front if you want the ability to boost the muff or distortion plus.

some fuzzes like to be first in the chain but i don't think the muff is one which needs that.
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The 30 has an effects loop. Use it.

Guitar > Tuner > MXR Dist > Muff > Amp

Loop send > Delay > Booster > Loop return

I put the boost in the effects loop as if you were using it just as a volume boost. IMO, volume boosts work best in the effects loop as they just hit the power tubes. If you're using the booster as a tone thickener and whatnot, then you would want it right after the tuner.