I think this post best fits into "Gear" category. I know that some time ago many musicians needed it. I think this might be interesting for some of you guys:

I have created specialized backing track player for Android with features like auto-pause function,auto-remove track after playback function(optional), sd card access on all Android versions and beta support for remote Bluetooth pedals like bt-105.

Do you guys need such mobile software? Please, let me know.
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I really don't understand, what does that do, either more or better or different, than whatever good music player doesn't do?
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It's designed for musicians performing live. They needed features like automatically pause after finished track,automatically remove song from playlist when finished and remote Bluetooth pedal support. Those who need it will understand the difference.

The app is called Backing Track Studio and it's available on Google Play if you want to take a look at the list of features there.