Hi there guys, been a long time since I posted. I need some quick advice!

I'm thinking of buying a new acoustic and I've narrowed it down to two options:
a Taylor 314ce vs an Alvarez MG70ce, both used, both in very good condition. Which one do I get? Which plays better?
Taylor, no contest for me, because it has a neck that is easily resettable at very small cost, using a wrench and a couple of special shims. This means that if there is ever any problem with neck angle and high action, due to deteriorating geometry, it can be cheaply fixed. OTOH, I don't know how the neck is jointed on the Alvarez, so I wouldn't risk it. Even if it is resettable, it would be a lot more expensive to fix than the Taylor. The Taylor necks are also comfortable for those used to electrics.
Gonna second the Taylor. There are some nice Alvarez guitars out there (some VERY nice ones, in fact), but I've never played an Alvarez that I would take over a midrange to higher-end all-solid Taylor.

Speaking of, the Taylor I'm currently paying off is a used 214, from back before they downgraded the 200 series to laminated back and sides, and moved production to Mexico, so it's pretty much exactly what a 314 is now, and it's awesome. I love it.
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