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The action..
Hiluuuuu ^-^
My first electric guitar (Laison..?..The G string is gone lmao),and well..when I chose it,I didn't even know what I bought LOL...So I really like how it fits my body and the bridge pickup tone for heavy riffs,it even sounds heavier than my Ibanez rg1570 mirage blue pickups...I'm more of a solo guy,but I love writing riffs too lol Is there a problem with that?Don't think so...
The single coil middle bridge is really the weakest pickup I've ever seen..and well the neck pickup isn't THAT bad,I like the tone when I play fast stuff,but it's really useless when I try to sustain notes.
The bridge really sucks,like...l tightened the screws on it so I could at least get better action..which I did lol
So I'm planning to change some stuff on this baby,including pickups,bridge,selector (the selector is doomed,it won't make the "Tck-Tck" snap sound when I change between pickups),and if possible,the neck as well.
So I'm gonna start with my favorite tones so you can help me with choosing the pickups for the right tone.
Dimebag Darrell of Pantera,David Gilmour of Pink Floyd,Yngwie Malmsteen,Joe Satriani,Adam Jones of Tool,Jim Root,Nameless ghoul fire of Ghost.
I want a fixed bridge so I can get dropped tunings easier,I want good sustain too.
So anny suggestions fpr the pickups? (Btw I'm writing this from Iran,and well the economy here isn't very well..A dollar costs 3 times more than it normally should,so please be fair on the price haha.. )
And well I wanna try a maple fret board,I guess that will cost too much but I want it so bad T_T
I already have a new selector ready to be replaced,and my teacher said he'll do the bridge fixing job for me (for free YAY! ^-^ )
Oh well so yea,I want suggestion(s) for the pickups and also the neck..Do you think it's worth customizing the guitar or nah? Thank you for reading lol
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the middle pickup could be a cold solder joint which is bad. If not try raising the pickup height and see if it helps. There is two screws on the sides of the pickup that when you tighten them they raise the pickup height and you get more volume.

so the selector the CRL kind I'd recommend. Allparts aren't bad either that are 4 x 4 with contacts.

the neck it's entirely up to you though. Just make sure you get the right neck pocket.

DR dimebag strings or GHS David Gilmour strings are two options perhaps. A lot of bright tones with lots of treble so nickle wound strings which are regular I'd keep.

you can "block" the bridge on a strat to make the tuning stability go up but a good set of guitar tuners like grovers or schaller and a good nut go a long way as well. I'm a fan of graphtech tusq nuts myself.

pickups wise.. I hate changing pickups myself because it's so over done. Consult the EQ charts and see what the guitar is missing in terms of sounds. Not enough bass, not enough mids. Too much treble ..etc.

the hot rail in the bridge by seymour duncan is a loud pickup you can go with for as close to a dimebag or mick thompson sound as possible on a strat. It's around 16k

the seymour duncan screaming demon in the neck I had fun with but see what your guitar is missing anything "hum cancelling" is your go to guide for pickups. I hate 2 wire pickups on strats with a passion. Anything 4 wire is hum cancelling and will fit your strat pickguard by the way. 4 wire pickups can coiltap and all too so you can get the classic strat sounds if you want/need them.

usually but not always resistance is a good indicator for pickups. When I put my last strat together I put something along the lines of. 16k , 12k , 9k. The biggest number is the bridge pickup.

the cheapest pickup I can recommend for the bridge is the rail pickup on ebay for 6$ american with free shipping. It's a 4 wire dimarzio chopper copy. Some are 9k and some are 12k.

a pure black pickup with black rails
a black pickup with chrome rails
a white pickup with black rails are your three options
"quality" as the kids always boast about they were good pickups. No buzz and they dont fall apart. I had guys come back for more.
If the guitar is special to you then sure, it's worth customizing.. If it doesn't mean anything to you, then don't waste your time and money..

The pickup won't change your sustainability a lot.. If you play heavier music you may want to at least replace your bridge pickup, look into one of the hotter Seymour Duncans.. Like Tallwood13 said the Hot Rail is good

I don't usually say this because it goes against my better judgement but if you're really trying to save cash, just unwire the middle pickup if you don't like it..... Unwire the middle pickup from the switch and jumper the neck and middle position together so your 5 way switch essentially becomes a 3 way switch... I definitely wouldn't recommend it but hey it's an option..

As for the action, if the bridge saddles are all the way down you might need to shim the neck

If you're having tuning/intonation problems.. The wood screw in the low E string doesn't help..
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