Hello there, I have a problem.

I've come up with a pretty nice sequence of notes, but am struggling to translate them into chords. Here it is in tab format.


I managed to turn the first two into an E major and C major quite quickly but all the chords I've tried for the rest seem to sound off...

The obvious thing to do would to be just keep the E major shape I used for the first note and play it up and down the fret board for the following notes, but to me that just sounds too strong and not as harmonic... don't ask me why.

Is there any better way to find the chords for these notes other than just trial and error?
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A healthy dose of music theory will fix that problem. Personally theory has always been tough to learn for me. I look into it every now and then but each time it's like trying to learn another language.

Best piece of advice I can give is tune your ear. Do you like the way your playing sounds? Then stick with it. Find shapes that sound good to you and incorporate them. The set path isn't always what we want. Learn a riff that you like and create a riff using those ideas/techniques that they used for it. Try to emulate the 'sound idea' they have but using notes that appeal to you.

Since I don't use much theory myself I find that this is something I do to get new sound ideas. Give it a shot. When it comes to a pattern like yours I like to arpeggiate chords along lead patterns. If the chord as a whole doesn't sound good, playing each note seperately can get you a nice sound.
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Sounds flamenco to me, E and F.

A good dose of theory certainly helps. I hear the first to notes in an E chord, then shifting to F/Fm. It helps me to visualise the "5" and "4-5" on the second string as "0"and "0-1".

From there I can work in more improv based on the E,F and G chords, like the opening to Lecuona's "Malaguena"