New here to the forums. I've been playing Guitar and drums since I was 5 (I am 15), and also play sax, violin, bass, and piano (all natural, no lessons.) Anyway, here's the prob:

I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard (I know it's not Gibson, but she works!), and the 4 knobs that change the tone of the guitar have been messed up since I've got it in 2011. I've played 3 talent shows and play lead guitar at church every Sunday with it and have no problems, however I think it's time to fix this thing. The knobs will turn, but the handle on the knobs keep turning past when it gets to 10 if that makes any since.. It's like the handles lose grip and keep turning even when it gets to full blast at 10. If this makes any since at all, what could be the problem? I have a talent show coming up next Friday that I'm playing and don't have to have it fixed, but I want it to be fixed. Also, what is the proper setting on the bridge with this guitar? It used to have a "dead spot" on the little E on 15th and 17th fret, but I adjusted the bridge so it doesn't do that. But what are the PROPER settings on this guitar? Thanks in advanced.
The knob issue could be the plastic is a bit stripped on the knob itself. The pot is metal, the knob is plastic and worn a bit and just the plastic knob is turning after the pot is full on or off. Take off one of the knobs and check it out. If the shaft of the pot still turns past 10 then you would need to replace the pots but I doubt this is the issue as the pot would be destroyed.

For the dead spot (I'm guessing truss rod), check out some of the numerous "how to setup a guitar" videos and reference the sticky in this forum. The proper settings are unique for each guitar in each environment and somewhat up to personal preference. Learning how to setup a guitar properly is a great skill or take it to a good tech.
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^^^^ The dead spot might be the "body fret hump" that isn't rare in LP-style guitars. Adjusting the neck relief and action might well fix it, as you suggest, but for a really low action it might also need some fret levelling. - Not a job for a beginner.

And I agree that DIY set ups are a very useful skill that all guitarists should learn.