New here to the forums. I've been playing Guitar and drums since I was 5 (I am 15), and also play sax, violin, bass, and piano (all natural, no lessons.) Anyway, here's the prob:

I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard (I know it's not Gibson, but she works!), and the 4 knobs that change the tone of the guitar have been messed up since I've got it in 2011. I've played 3 talent shows and play lead guitar at church every Sunday with it and have no problems, however I think it's time to fix this thing. The knobs will turn, but the handle on the knobs keep turning past when it gets to 10 if that makes any since.. It's like the handles lose grip and keep turning even when it gets to full blast at 10. If this makes any since at all, what could be the problem? I have a talent show coming up next Friday that I'm playing and don't have to have it fixed, but I want it to be fixed. Also, what is the proper setting on the bridge with this guitar? It used to have a "dead spot" on the little E on 15th and 17th fret, but I adjusted the bridge so it doesn't do that. But what are the PROPER settings on this guitar? Thanks in advanced.
I think you may do better in the 'electric guitar' section as this is for playing techniques.
I've seen knobs do that before, I think it's because the tab inside that stops it is worn out, not positive. Replace the pots. Should be humbuckers, so 500K pots. Pay attention to the wiring when you open it up, take a couple of pictures, if you can do a little basic soldering it's not difficult.

Bridge settings...the bridge height sets your action, that's all about personal preference. Wherever it plays good to you, that's the right spot. Intonation is set by moving the individual saddles. The idea is to get the open strings and the octave both in tune. Remember sharp is too short. Get the open string in tune, with a good tuner, fret the octave and check it. If the octave is off, change the saddle accordingly, retune the open string and check both again. Repeat until it's in tune both open and fretted at the octave. It makes no difference which string you start with, I usually go from top to bottom just to be consistent.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...