Ok so I found an old HSS electric guitar body that has been laying around the basement for a while and was wondering if it would be possible to change it into a HSH guitar? And if it is possible would spacing between the pickups matter, and what tool would be the best to convert the single coil into a humbucker? Any advice would be helpful
Swimming pool route would be the easiest. All you need is a router.

It wouldn't have to be the whole pool though.
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If you do go the swimming pool route i highly recommend shielding the cavity.
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You don't have to do anything at all to convert the bridge to a humbucker. In fact, it would probably be better to use a single-coil size humbucker (either stacked, mini or side-by-side) in that position. Standard humbuckers tend to be a bit muddy in the bridge position, and the smaller the form factor, the fewer phase issues you have.

If you're going for serious output, I'd really suggest using something like a DiMarzio Fast Track II (18K+). SD Hot Rails show up fairly often in that position, but I'm not a fan. Some of the better minihums work pretty well in the bridge position as well.