I am a female guitar beginner. I have been learning the electric guitar for about 1 year. Recently, I realize there is a 'problem' with the way I place my left hand pinky. When I play higher on the neck closer to the bridge, I tend to stick out my pinky like this:

If I try to curl my pinky like most ppl do, like this:
my other fingers will have problem stretching to the 6th string.

Are my hands too small or my technique is all wrong?
im a total newbie and sometimes have to be careful to notice that my pinky is doing weird shit when i'm playing.

it can fly back like that but mostly it tucks itself behind the guitar or other stuff

i just try to keep it in mind and always correct it, which isn't so hard to do.

if people do say your technique needs improving then don't fret about it, people learn these sort of adjustments surprisingly easily if they just keep at it for a week
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as long as you can get all your fingers where they need to be when you actually fret notes you should be fine.

I would practice licks and such that actually use your pinky, from what I gather it seems like you don't use it much when your high up the neck?

A lot of beginners tend to be uncomfortable using their pinky because they haven't developed strength in it yet and fall into a hole where they never use it. That's something you should focus on preventing, it can be a huge detriment to your playing.

Try running scales around the 12th fret and really focus on fretting with your pinky really well, make the strings ring as clear as you can.

edit: Your hands being small because of your gender shouldn't impact you too badly, btw. Big hands, small hands, either way you can play guitar well. In fact it should make it more comfortable for you to play super high. While maybe it might be a little more difficult towards the nut, you'll get used to it.
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