I know every scale including old medieval and folk scales, how to play in key, I know chord tones, I know chord improvs, I know scale improvs, I stay within tempo, I can sweep within any given time stamp and arpeggio, I can djent (not recommended as i dont have the gear for it), I have tubes, I have overdrives, I have distortion, and if i forgot something then ask me.

If you go offbeat then I cant help you, if you're off key then I cant help you. If you link or send me something and I don't reply, it means I either couldn't do it because of "so and so impossible reason".

I WILL NOT PLAY; Classic rock, Blues, and Country

I PLAY; melodic death metal mostly, but I do also play anything else. If you search my name on the Rocksmith 2014 (Zendreax) leaderboards for Xbox360, you'll see I have quite a few amount of top leaderboard positions in master difficulty score attack songs (meaning notes are invisible). If you don't think i'm the same person then send me a message on XBL.

I don't care if you're rapping, singing, screaming, one direction, drumming, bassist, making dubstep song, whatever. Just give me something other than the 3 genres I selected and i'll play to it.

(I'm doing this for no personal gain, all for free. I'm just really bored while I wait to start school in June.)