This one has black edges and smaller fret inlays


This one is all red with bigger fret inlays.

Same brand and model, and all the websites say they're both Crimson Red. I'm confused. Maybe one is a newer design of the same guitar? Maybe one picture is a lie??
Can anyone enlighten me?
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The one with the bigger inlays is listed in the Schecter's 2012 catalog so it must be the older version, the other is the current one. Personally I like the discontinued one better

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I actually owned the hardtail version, of the one with the larger inlays. The other one is just newer, I'm pretty sure.
Yup. Just a redesign. They're both real. The one with the larger inlays is the discontinued model. The one with the double crosses for the 12th fret is the new model, I believe from 2014 on. Wouldn't be surprised if some stores still have stock of the older one. My store still had one up until just a few weeks ago. And yeah, I agree with Billy, I preferred the old model. Both are still made of the same kinds of woods, and have the same pickups. So they'll sound identical. Just a cosmetic change. I do like that the new model has a Flame top pattern, rather than quilt, though. The quilt is nice, but Schecter has so many other models with it. With the quilt top, the Damien is just a Hellraiser with a bolt-on neck. With the flame pattern, it's at least a little bit more different, and has its own identity. Probably why they changed the inlays, too. The old ones were also nearly identical to the Hellraiser line.
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