Hi to everyone, I wold like to learn to play guitar and I have a silent brand Arrow bought some years ago.

I bought this guitar because I didn't want disturb anyone near to me while I am Learning and I think is better to let other people to listen a good sound instead a bad one .

Do you think this guitar is good for a beginner? Or the fact it is a silent so without a real classical sound and with any vibrations it could be wrong?

Thank you.

I think that though a logical choice you really should get a guitar that makes some noise! This will help with traning your ear and learning to tune guitars. If you didn't want to disturb others maybe invest guitar that you can have a headphone output with? This way you can hear yourself play without disturbing those around you. Listening to yourself playing is crucial to hearing mistakes, whether in your playing our the written music.

Hope this helps!

Jude x
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First of all, Welcome! (that extends to you too JudeBlamire)

Jude is correct, sound is the most important part of playing the guitar, as long as you can hear yourself playing (using headphones or other amplification), you should be fine to learn using a silent guitar.
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Sorry for my english but I'm italian and my second Language is too much little, so maybe I explained myself not in a good way.
The guitar as 2 outputs: headphones and amplifier.

So I can listen everything I Want. When I wrote it doesn't make a classical sound I meant that the sound it produces (by headphones) is not similar to acoustic nylon guitar but it is like a cheap guitar amplified. I hope now I wrote it better.

This is my guitar and this is the sound:


And it deosn't sound like this one for example:

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