I was wondering what is better to use for midi: using 5 pin din cables(standard midi cables) or a usb?

What are the pros and cons to each

Thanks in advance
i'm not able to answere your qestion tbh, but i always thought
5-pins are outdated by now... all of my gear uses USB...

i never bothered w/ it, but i stick to usb in the future...
Whichever you have more inputs for. I used USB for a long time but nowadays that's precious real estate, so I run my MIDI via 5-pin to my slave interface (MOTU) via FireWire because it's the only FW unit I own.

Short answer: whichever you have/is cheaper.
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They're the same thing.

Gear with onboard USB midi might have a very tiny bit less latency, but nothing noticeable.

Use whatever you prefer/is cheaper/you like better.
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Midi to usb is a converter, so in essence you're using another device, and the other option 5 pin - is actual direct midi to midi, with conversion usually done in your interface.
I've gotten varying results, depending on audio card drivers. It is good to buy a midi keyboard / controller that can do both.
Unless your computer has a 5 pin din input (which I've never seen) then you're going through USB or FireWire eventually. I always just use USB because it's less gear.
Yeah, usb is just a more modern architecture. MIDI data is pretty lightweight so the original DIN cables were - and are - fine. Use whatever cable connector matches what you're plugging it into.

Back in the days before USB, we used to get MIDI data into the computer via an adapter that had a DIN connector at one end, and a serial port at the other, which plugged into your joystock port on the soundcard.

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I have been using midi keys and sound modules for about 20 years now since my old DOS based computer using Cakewalk version 1 on 5 1/4 floppy discs. I have used all four types of midi cables to move midi signals (along with the two pictured above the original one. which was a rewired printer cable referred to as a parallel port cable. See pic.) . They all work well. It depends on what type of in and outs are available on your gear. These days I mostly use an inexpensive midi to USB cable ($15-20.00 on EBay) for most things..
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