sorry it took me so long, its been a hell of a day. first of all, YOU DIDNT USE YOUR SIGNATURE TUNING! instead you used my main 7-string tuning (even though its just a step down, its so hard to find people who actually play in it)

this song was very different from the other stuff ive heard by you; most of your stuff is heavy, yet melodic as hell. this isnt really my style, so i might not be the best person to get a good crit from; ill try though

that first riff when the guitars kick in is pretty badass, although im not fond of the chord choice for measures 15-18. riff starting on 28=brutz as ****. the riff itself starting on 50 is pretty sweet, but i really dont like the background guitar. maybe if the volume was turned down with reverb cranked up as some kind of dark ambience, but as-is just puts me off

the part on 68 reminded me of a big thing i noticed when listening throughout: i dont know if youre doing it on purpose, but theres so many parts where its almost melodic. also, even though i dont like the solo (really not used to this style. nothing inherently "wrong" with it, just personal taste), i really hope youre planning on adding more. its way too short

measure 98: theres that "ambience" again, but you already know how i feel

im guessing the part on 108 is supposed to be clean. regardless, my sentiments towards the whole "almost melodic" thing applies here too. and to close it off, theres that badass opening riff again

overall, dont take my crit too seriously. its really not my style, but i tried my best to give a proper crit anyway
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And thanks pawn, lol

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this goes ****ing hard dude if I had talent this is how I would use it

i don't really like the solo though and the transi at 106 is questionable but i suck at both of those things so i have no room to talk

basiclally i really like this piece verymuch
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You write great stuff, man. I don't know how familiar you are with them, but this sort of modality and style give me a big Gorguts vibe. Your riffing was nice and dynamic. Also, very heavy. I loved the chords and melodies. The riff at 28 is so headbangable. I think the drums were pretty standard death metal drums, but there's nothing inherently wrong with that, I guess. Like, maybe the groove at 136 could be spiced up some. The bass track sounded great, too. There were some awesome grooves in there.

Edit: Looked at your favorite bands. lol Yeah, you like Gorguts.
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