I'm pretty sure I've asked this question here before, but I was wondering what pickups I should put in my Tele.

I want to put in a P-90 in the neck, and a regular Tele pickup in the bridge, and have them at about the same output. However, I'm honestly not sure of most of the difference between an SC and a P-90. P-90's are supposed to be slightly fatter and warmer right?

I don't use the guitar much right now unfortunately, but I would use it to get the standard bright Tele tones for like a blues-rock-y sound, and also use it for strum-heavy acoustic-gone-electricified covers. Maybe even slide one day.

A couple I've been looking at would be the Seymour Duncan SP90-1 or 2, but probably the 2, but I don't know what bridge pickup to pair it with. Hopefully you guys can help me out.

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Those would be among my first choices, along with Vintage Vibe.

Shoot them an email- they're pretty friendly and willing to help.
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And for the P90, look at their Bluesbar. I replaced a SD Hot P90 for a Bluesbar and it creamed the SD.

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