Hi, what is will be the spring position if i will use gauge .009 - .042 guitar strings(with floating bridge)??

i bought ibanez guitar and the spring position is like this: ||| with gauge .010 - .046...

Is it okay to use 9's with this spring position: |||?? or am i going to change the spring position like this: /|\???

Thanks in advance
It does nothing to the tone or playability of the instrument. It may have some effect on the tension, but I think usually it's done like that depending on where the grounding wire is on the trem claw rather than to effect the tension.

With a floating trem, you'll have to adjust the tension if you like to tune the trem. There's an indian guy on Youtube who does a great tutorial on how to do it. I think the channel is FruduaTV or something like that.
I've seen no difference whatsoever, I've tried both ways on both my spring tremolo guitars. I'd have to go look, but I think I'm using parallel on the strat, because of the tremsetter, and vee shaped on the Peavey Patriot. No difference either way that I can tell.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...