Description: 2011 Mexican Blacktop Strat in brand new condition. I recently got this as part of a trade and I'd like to keep it but I really need the money so I have to sell it. It just got a setup and plays beautifully. The previous owner replaced the pickguard with one that only has 2 holes for tone controls, so it's set up with 1 volume and 1 tone. The other tone control is still connected to the circuit, and is set to 10 under the pickguard. This includes the original pickguard and I can swap it back if you so choose. Otherwise, the guitar is completely stock, and doesn't have a scratch on it. Literally brand new condition.

It includes the hardshell case and trem bar. The case is missing one of the latches (see pics), but I've been using this case with other guitars for several years and it's never been a problem. It's easy enough to replace the latch if you want to down the road.

Location: Fall River, MA, USA

Price: $350 shipped or best offer. NO TRADES.

References: nkri on Jemsite and Sevenstring.org (plenty of feedback on SSO), dwphotori777 on eBay


Fender Blackstop Strat
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However, the guitar sold locally today. Thanks for the interest.
i'm a new member of this website, i want to ask that fender blacktop stratocaster is good enough if i put the seymour duncan invader pickups ?