"Emma Watson" by Derby

I'm safe, I'm sober
I can't wash away the memory of her
I'm choking, I'm childish
I can't take back what I didn't wish


Flip skate, backwards
Ship-shape, shy nerds
Goosebumps, pale skin
Deep pit, fell in

Suck less, jerk hole
Freak-out, control
Old face, new route
Death in, fall out

God left my days, I'm left in a haze
I'm feeing too short, I'm feeling less sure
I can't count my eyes, my cheap alibis
I'm running around, it's all over now

You had me sold at loss of control
I'm out of time and losing my mind
You had me saved, I'm can't touch my brain
But it becomes tough when her porn isn't good enough

(End Chorus)

I'm lonely, I'm listless
People can't see my intent
I'm queer, I'm quiet
People can't see I'm dying


I want to hold you, want to scold you
Cause you are so hard to find
I will do what I had just told you
Never cross that stringent line

I lie awake at nigh, just eating
All my foolish thoughts in bed
I find myself suddenly depleting
Until my palms turn rosy-red

I'd like to meet you, like to see you
You're a distant star away
Look at, cause my life goes too soon
I'll never be not wrong again

Wood and fibers, cold cadavers
Emma Watson, it's so tough
Day after day, hour after hour
You'll never be not good enough



In terms of sound, power-pop/pop-punk. Delivery as Green Day (Insomniac). Tell me thoughts, ideas, and criticisms. Thank you!
actually my first lyric to read on here. But it sounds very solid. I'm not sure I've ever said that about anybody's lyrics I've seen online before. Somehow I knew I was going to read something about porn or something when I opened up this thread. something about the structure of the lyrics, I was def getting a punk or hardcore vibes. The lyrics really set the pace, you can tell with the music might sound like at certain parts.