Here is a Fender Classic Player 60's Strat in Sonic Blue.
I've had a few Strats over the years including 3 USA ones and gotta say that
this is a dam good Strat.
I don't just mean good for the money or good for a Mexi i just mean a good Strat.
It blows the American Special i had away and apart from not having the microtilt adjustment it's up there with an American Std imo.
Old school looking tuners which do the job,A beautiful feeling neck which does'nt feel skinny but not baseball bat either,Compound radius fretboard,A two point trem which holds tune exceptionally with whammy use,Custom Shop 69 pickups which i love,Sound sweet and mint green pick guard.
It has a lovely dark piece of rosewood for the finger board.Mine fades light on the first and second frets.I love this guitar,It will not get sold.It's basically a Strat made to look 60's but with some newer appointments.
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Sonic blue is my all time favourite Fender colour.

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Kick-ass! Fav color on a strat. I ended up with a daphne blue std myself after years of putting it off.
very nice
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