I have been playing guitar for about 6 months.

I play around 30-60 min everyday.

Since i am working i was not able join any guitar classes and pinned all my hope on the internet lessons.
But i am confused regarding my progress.
I can play songs like wish you were here(whole),stairway to heaven(except solos) ,nothing else matter etc.

But i cannot pick up any random strumming pattern just by listening.

Besides this i am currently learning pentatonic scales and trying to dig more into theory.

Can anyone tell me whether this is good progress?
ohh man! i was strumming the same old radio tunes for years!!!
i'd say you can be completely happy with your current progres... theory is a good thing to go for!

What websites are you learning from? i might be able to tell you some good ones
also: what is your current maximum speed?

and in regards to ear training: i'm learning it for months now and i still have a very long way to go...
if it's just the rhythm of the strumming patterns you're after, you might wanna do some rhythm exercises (i neglected those for far too long...)

check out Guthrie Govan's book 'Creative Guitar 1' - this might be interesting for you - it also includes a 'theory without tears' chapter ;-) (guthrie is one of the, if not the best player in the world today...)

cheers! and good luck with your guitar playing in the future ;-)
Hi sagpandu,

I can't tell you if you are progressing fast enough, it all depends on what you're aiming for. You can get very far by practicing consistently like you are everyday. I recommend you to look into effective practicing habits, Also knowing what you want exacly so you don't waste your times in meaningless stuff, the more focus you are the faster you'll get to your goals. Getting a Great teacher will also accelerate your progress. Good luck!

Hey thanks guys..

Yeah i know it might be difficult for anyone to judge with whatever i have posted.

Well i think the reason i want to play guitar is just to play some soothing songs and entertain people and of course myself.
I don't want to be part of any band or play in any event.
Just that i can understand music and that it stays with me forever

i will try reading the book by Guthrie Govan as suggested.

Thanks again
Everyone progresses at their own pace. I'm entirely self taught, been playing for five years. I can't do leads at all but I can strum like a madman. I pull chords out of my ass left and right, it's fun.

What has always helped me improve was playing with musicians that are better than. Even listening to a better musician in person can help you improve. Just be observant of how they do things and mold that into your playing.

Unfortunately for me I never really had many musicians where I live, so I played on my own 90% of the time. I just started playing in a band for the first time 6 months ago, and I'm learning swiftly. These guys have been playing for 15 years.

Such a shame I can't find a gig. I've never played before an audience before.