Hello all.

So, its been a really long time since I completed and posted anything up. I cant seem to get any quiet time to record the vocals for the tracks I've been working on so I decided to make something instrumental in order to satisfy the recording beast within.

So...... ~fanfare~ ..... panties-full-o-faeces productions proudly presents......

A Minor Problem

As usual it didnt really end up sounding as intended, but I reached the point where it stopped getting any better when I fiddled, so that means its done.

I tried to be a little industrial with this one - you all can be the judge of whether it worked out well.

As usual any and all comments are welcome, from likes and constructive criticism up to personal insults, hexes and promises to "break my {insert limb here}".

As always- will happily go C4C with anyone who takes the time to listen and leave a comment.

DISCLAIMER: panties-full-o-faeces productions accepts no responsibility for time lost in listening to the product and will accept no liability for any injury, bowel discomfort, or urge to douse oneself in petrol and strike a match in front of a public building, caused directly or indirectly by listening.

Really lovin the sound and overall feel from this. Cant really help much with constructive feedback but vocals over the top of this would sound great.
Hey dude this songs sounds trippy as hell! I like the creepy vibe it gives, this could easily be used in scary game! would suit something like a zombie shooter haha. All in all I think this has got a good beat and interesting enough to keep you listening. I'm not sure if I would like to hear vocals over this I think its just great as a musical piece.

C4C my track here dude! Thanks >>

Dark, heavy, ponderous music here, with the slow steady step of a giant. The minor tonalities, coupled with the baroque harmonies and the treble light equalisation all add to the tenebrous feel. For me the mix is a bit muddy, and also it needs stronger mastering to bring the sound to life. The lack of treble, although being consistent with the overall feel, can at times create a lack of definition and outline, making this tiring to listen to.
But this is a brilliantly written and arranged track, full of logical developments and creative ideas. It seems like a excellent backing track in need of a powerful vocalist and suitably obscure lyric. Then this would be complete.
Full of eerie, ominous trippiness, a almost creepy vibe is consummately articulated here. In fact, this track, if re-mixed and mastered, would work beautifully as it is as background music to a film scene, or indeed as a theme song to a suitable programme.

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Hey guys.

Thanks a lot for the comments - it's very much appreciated. The mix is a little muddy sadly. I tried to be a little different and go for a lo-fi, massive reverb drum mix and ended up with a whole lot o mud that trod on other instruments. My lack of skill made it difficult to part the sea of mud to sit other instruments in place.

Jathon - it is interesting you mention lack of treble. I have had some very thin, fizzy mixes in the past due to over doing the high end on guitars etc so I tried to correct that with this one. Perhaps I went too far?

Thanks a lot for listening.

I love your clean chorus and the drums. Sounds a lot like APC. Very nice feel to it in all. I somehow kept on waiting for the vocals to kick in. This is a track that seems built for vocals.

Rhythms are nice, but seem to be a bit empty after a while - gets a bit redundant.

In all, the feel is quite cool, and I love your tones. Great stuff bro!

Check out my track: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1675169
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I think the room mic for drum kit is a bit loud. It's really noticeable with the snare. The kick can be brought up a bit more, it gets somewhat drowned out during the louder sections when everything is going. Good tone on the clean and dirty guitars, tight playing too. The bass is perfect for this song. After the first 20-30 seconds I was expecting vocals to kick in, which I think would make the repetitive nature of the song more tolerable. Not bad by any means, I think it was just missing some variation, something extra. I think this would fit perfectly for a retro dungeon-crawler game, or something like that. All in all, great mix. Keep it up!
Thanks for the crit man, has a doom metal vibe, a bit like type o negative.
what drum software do you use? some of the fills are really good. It sounds good man, I think it would sound great with vocals. Overall I loved the track, production is slick and the guitar tone suits perfectly
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what drum software do you use? ...

I use Hydrogen Drum Machine. I'm a Linux guy so there arent that many options to choose from. I use the GSCW version 2 Kit with a couple of additions thrown in. It's not bad but it does have a couple of annoyances for me (the layering of the snare is the main one).

I'm glad you liked the track.