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I really struggle in melodic playing and i feel like i need to get ALOT of listening and transcribing of some really melodic stuff. I mean really beautiful/amazing chord following while maintaining a great structure of solo and not being boring... This is my biggest goal right now.

So recommend me couple of guys/songs to listen, with great sense of melody (can be obvious ones, i cant know all :p)
Get some Fourplay. The first few albums include Lee Ritenour on guitar, he was replaced by the amazing Larry Carlton and now Chuck Loeb. This is jazz but not the "practicing scales" kind of jazz that boars me to death. These are songs with strong melodies and great chords and leads that hug those chords beautifully. Really good.
Speaking of Larry Carlton, get some classic 70's Steely Dan (often featuring Larry Carlton). For more recent stuff take a listen to the great technique Jeff Beck displays on his last album "Commotion and Emotion". The melodic playing and tone are incredible. Might be my favorite Beck album since "Blow by Blow".
I'm more of a raunchy classic rock/old school metal player but I appreciate and learn a great deal by listening to stuff like this. Too many young players stay in the "metal only" corner and never listen to other styles like this. Then they post threads asking for help because they feel they are not advancing in their playing. You have to expand your horizons and see what else is out there and bring it back to your own style of playing.
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In what styles? there are a lot of great melodic classic rock players. If you're looking for melodic solos over complicated chord progressions (complicated for rock not jazz) then Brian May's solos in some Queen piano songs are the way to go - stuff like Somebody to Love and the solo in Bohemian Raphsody. Other standouts ate Michael Schenker with UFO (Only You Can Rock Me, Midnight Train, Randy Rhodes (Crazy Train), Nuno Bettencort with Extreme (Decadence Dance). Some stuff by Slash is also worth listening to. It's all mostly major pentatonic and myxolydian.

I'm a big blues fan but it's not 'beautiful'. It's greasy and biting...
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Classic rock guy here too, melodic has been my main goal since a friend told me in the late 80's to try to use my guitar as another voice. That and listening to guys like Billy Gibbons, David Gilmour (one of the very best melodic players) got me out of play fast licks mode and into melodic...

David Gilmour - Pink Floyd, solo
Billy Gibbons - ZZ Top I've never seen anybody else who can camp out on one note for so long and still make it interesting...
Joe Walsh - James Gang, Eagles, solo
Clapton - Cream, Yardbirds, Blind Faith, solo (Layla, Bell Bottom Blues, Bad Love, Wonderful Tonight and lots of others)
Jeff Beck - Yardbirds, Rod Stewart, solo - Since We've Ended As Lovers - my all time very favorite instrumental
Eric Johnson - fast and melodic at the same time, I love everything on Ah Via Musicom...
Elliot Randall - Steely Dan (not sure who else, lots of studio work) the song Reelin in the Years in particular.
Mark Knopfler - Dire Straits Some songs sound pretty improvised, many sound written specifically for the song, lots of very melodic stuff.

What I do a lot especially if I sit in with a band and they call up a song I don't know, is try and do a lead that pretty much follows the vocal melody line of the song. I also try to be aware of phrasing and when not to play, when to let a note linger or chop it off short, when to let it breathe a little and leave a little silence in there...

Other comments I've heard that made sense...

Know when to play and when to play.

Make every note count.

Put everything you got into every note.

Make it sound like it just grew there.
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Prince, Billy Gibbons, Elliot Easton, John Mayer, Robert Smith/Porl Thompson, Mike Einziger, Eric Johnson.
Great Suggestions posted on here.

My two cents is to learn the melody of your favorite songs. Doesn't matter if its a guitar player doing the melody or human voice. its the same idea.

Check out this vid i posted of one of the Melody i just learned.

Don't forget Jimmie Vaughan.
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Really enjoying these suggestions. Gonna squander the day listening to some of these records.
Robben Ford. For my $$ he is one of the finest blues/jazz/melodic players ever. He keeps morphing his style over the years and creating fresh ideas. He can certainly bring the heat when necessary but really champions the space between the notes.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
Peter Frampton
Peter Green
Gary Moore
JJ Cale
Joe Pass
Larry Carlton
And how could Carlos Santana be possibly left off the list ?

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