I recently got roped into the world of math/prog tappy shreddy clean rock and find myself wanting something a little more shreddy. I'm currently playing a washburn Idol, an agile AL3100, and a Dearmond through too many pedals into a vox ac30.

I really really like CHON and I saw that they play Ibanez guitars. It's a very strange translucent tone and I find myself GASing for it. They play RG's I know, but I'm partial to a S series. However I know literally nothing about an Ibanez. I did some reading and found that the S series is mahogany while the RG is a basswood body. The S series is super thin but with the RG being such a light wood it's probably roughly the same weight. The necks are the same and both can come with or without a EDGE term.

I'll probably grab a prestige of which ever series I end up choosing so: For a clean neck pickup to slightly boosted Fmajor open tuning sound which one of these guitars do you guys think would be better suited and why?
You can't go wrong with an RG. The sharp curves and pickguard make it a sexy ax. Ibanez S series looks more round and smoother, so that settles the looks of both of them. As for the sound, they probably sound the same since they're both either HSH or HH versiobs. I say go with the RG.
I prefer an RG for cleans and an S for heavier stuff. An RG has a very open sound. They have a transparent midrange. An S has a much more pronounced midrange which is great for dirty things. It's more growly and it sounds bigger than an RG. But I think RGs are more musical.
The whole basswood vs mahogany thing isn't a huge deal for what you may want to do with it. Keep in mind the S series is very thin. And it really depends what models you're looking at as to whether they're mahogany or basswood. Ibanez introduced a lot of mahogany RGs in the last 2 years or so. SO really it's going to be all about which one you find more comfortable to play.

The secret to Chon's tone is the fact they play through super clean Fender twin combos (or I've also seen an AC30 in one live video) and then throw a relatively clean but loud overdrive in front of it.
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I have an S1520 Prestige model that I bought in 2000. It's one of the best guitars that I own. I replaced the pickups in it with Dimarzio Fred and PAF Pro. The guitar sounds amazing. I also have an RG620X. No matter what I do with it, it has always just sounded thin to me. It's not one of my favorites even though I love the fact that it has 2 outputs for Magnetic and Piezo pickups.

The S is much more comfortable to me, I love playing it.