Hi Guys!
I want a guitar for low tunings drop c, drop b and drop a
I have baritone strings on a 24.75 scale epi. (13 17 26w 36 46 62)
However i dont like the tension in the top strings in drop c, nor do i like the wound third.

Was wondering if 10 13 17 36 46 62 would work and if it would work in drop a, or would the top strings be to light? And if this would be ok for drop c which im pretty sure it will!

Let me know thanks!
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There is literally no correct answer to this. Tony Iommi uses a .09-.42 set for C# standard.

.13 is very tight for Drop C, though. That is probably what you would use for Drop A.

I would try a .11 or .12 set as a compromise between Drop C and Drop A, however I honestly don't think you'll find it exactly what you want for either tuning. IMO at this point it would probably be best to have one guitar be in Drop C/B and a 2nd one for Drop A.
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^^ I use 13-56's for D and drop C at the moment.

As you can see TS, it's a matter of taste entirely.
Try everything and decide what you like best for yourself.
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