Sorry, I'm not sure if I should be posting this here or under Classifieds?
(Let me know and I'm happy to move/edit my thread! I thought it was inappropriate to put under Classifieds as I'm not selling it here but am just asking for an opinion on monetary value.. )

I received my guitar as a gift around 5 years ago and occasionally played it for my own enjoyment. However, my amp was stolen after a home robbery and I'm moving overseas soon so I figure I may as well just sell it. Can't afford to replace the amp right now anyway

I'm not sure how much to sell this for and thought I should ask you guys first as I'm not very knowledgeable in this area. I've been told as it's second hand, it usually goes for around $300AUD including the case?

Guitar Stats:
It's a Gibson Epiphone Electric Guitar
It's 5-6 years old, no damage though maybe a few scratches from general use on the guitar and on the case.
Strings are still in good condition - no need for replacement.
It comes with a hard carry case and a strap.
It was made in Korea.

Photos of the actual product below

I usually find that if you are the original owner (barring vintage and rare instruments, or if it's a piece of sh!t) you should usually expect to get 50-60% of the original value (retail price new) if you are selling used.

I mean, knowing the exact model would help us too.
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Quote by TheStig1214
I mean, knowing the exact model would help us too.

I'm not sure, sorry... I was told it's an Epiphone SG?
I think it was originally bought at around $400-500 but I don't entirely have faith in my memory lol
^ yeah it is but there are various epiphone SG models

http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Electrics/SG.aspx (those are current models, yours might not be there)

give us a closeup of the truss rod cover (the white plastic thing on the headstock where the writing is) and the neck joint (where the neck joins the body, round the back) and that might help us to identify it.
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Looks very G-400-ish, only the pearl pickguard is unusual, but of course that can be a replacement part.

String condition is pretty irrelevant btw, you have to change them anyway once in a while, and they cost like nothing.

The case alone is EUR 69 here btw, that'd be roughly 100 AUD
It is a G-400, it may be a 196? reissue which won't matter in pricing
Look at the AU Ebay and see what the completed listings sold for that is how most people price things these days
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Wow! Everyone, thank you so much for your input!
I do feel pretty ignorant about my own guitar. I wouldn't have ever been able to guess the actual model by myself.
I really appreciate everyone's help.

Looks like it usually goes for around $400-500 as brand new without the case (as I'm seeing on ebay anyway). So I'll try to decide on a decent price based on that.

Thank you again
Good luck!

Just a suggestion, I would not advertise it as a "Gibson Epiphone." It's just an Epiphone. Listing both is confusing and annoying to people searching for particular guitars. You wouldn't list a "Ford Mercury Cougar" or a "Volkswagon Suzuki Vitara." It's a common mistake to make but it's easy to fix, too.
To be fair Epiphones used to have Gibson on the truss rod cover I think but it is correct to list as an Epiphone. Good to mention made in Korea though as many people believe they were superior to the Chinese made Epis. My recent experience says the current Chinese models are very good.
Will be sure to keep that in mind when advertising!
Thank you again