I don't really know what to do with this. First of all, it kinda sounds like I ripped it off Systematic Chaos or Train of Thought and I am aware of that, it was not intentional. Second of all, it doesn't really feel like it has any direction (like all of my songs lol) but that's up to you to decide.

Anyway, I was kinda thinking of going into some kind of clean section at the end there, but not sure how to make that transition.
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Really nice riffs going on in there, and I can definitely hear a lot of DT influences. The drums are sometimes a bit strange, but I guess you're not a drummer so that's not a problem. I also like the rhythmy yet natural feel of the riffs. Well done dude!
I thought it was great! Love the oriental melody. It has a DT vibe but it doesn't feel like a rip off. That section from bar 77 is my favourite bit! Love it! Good job!