I have been thinking of getting a new guitar. I am by no means an expert at guitar, and I probably have lost a bit of interest (unfortunately) due to a lack of time to play. I'm thinking a new guitar may help to regain my interest in playing. I am currently looking at a Godin Session Custom.

I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this guitar and what they think of it. I live in Northern Ireland and there are no music shops here that I can really go and try out numerous guitars apart from one or two in Belfast, but i don't have time to go there, and unfortunately they do not have this particular guitar.

If anyone else has any suggestions on guitars to consider, it would be appreciated. I am mostly interested in playing Classic Rock/Alternative rock etc, but I literally play anything if i like it.

Thanks in advance
I haven't tried that one, but I've been impressed with the build quality, feel and sounds I have gotten out of the Godin Stratclones I have tried over the years. Enough so that I kick myself for not buying any if them. Godin also has some new models this year that have an additional trick up their sleeve: they've added an option for a Seymour Duncan P-Rail on models with their H.D.R. system, so you get active & passive output paired with the ability to switch from HB to P90 to singlecoil tones.

While you're shopping, I'd also look at your local boys, Fret-King. I imported a Super 60HB to Texas, and it has impressed all the axe-slingers I've let try it out.

Aaaaaaand I wouldn't be me if I didn't suggest looking at Reverend. But I realize they're a dark horse where you are- I think there is only one Reverend retailer in all of the UK- Vintage & Modern- and Reverend is a small company, so there aren't likely to be too many used ones where you are.
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not aware of any godin dealers in NI unfortunately I think i've only tried one godin, ages ago when i was in england on holiday it seemed pretty nice IIRC, but i don't remember much about it.

it's a pain getting to try stuff here (though there are actually sometimes shops outside belfast in weird places which sometimes have more obscure stuff, so it doesn't hurt to check yell.com in case there's a decent shop near you which you were unaware of). there are far worse places to be a guitar player (in terms of good guitar shops nearby)... but there are far better, too.
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I tried one out at my local guitar shop. Beautiful solid guitar. I would definately consider a Godin as my next guitar.

I've heard nothing but good things about them in reviews on the net. The only thing that may be an issue is the resale value. If you don't plan on selling it, then it's a non-issue.

I don't know how much they are in Ireland, but here in Canada the Session Custom is priced comparably to a Squier series, and I think it's way better bang for the buck.

just my 2-cents