I'm still using the stock Chinese tubes and they are just... awful.
I own the single channel Jet City 20 watt combo, and just want:
1. Higher gain pre amp tubes
2. Solid early breakup power tubes
3. Volume

If I can't have 2 and 3 then just 3 would be best, with it being 20 watts and all. I do run it with an extension, so it kinda looks like just to cabinets on stage.

Any suggestions would be great! Doug's Tubes recommended Sovtek M's for the EL84's and their "catch all" preamp "tone kit" but I'd like to have it a little more customized than that. Eurotubes has a "high gain" option, but it's all JJ's.

Again, it's the early single channel one with the pots facing up:
I'd get a few of these

And look at the new Mullard 12ax7, it has the highest gain of all new production tubes

I have heard good things about the TAD 12ax7 also
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My experience with this amp is that V1 is very sensitive to change, but the other two tubes don't make much of a difference at all. I tried lots of different tubes in there (tung-sol, jj, sovtek, mullard, golden dragon) and I liked the tung-sol the best. The jj and sovteks were long plates though-I didn't have any problems with microphonics but it might not have been the best idea in a combo). The tung-sols just sounded clearer and thicker harmonically to me.

The only power tubes I tried were Mullard and they were a massive improvement over the stock tubes so I never bothered trying others (those haven't died yet because I don't use that amp much now).

These are all new production tubes by the way, and the pre-amp tubes were all high-gain (I believe the tung-sol was 102/105 or 105/102, I don't remember exactly).
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