"Bloody Roses"


As I walk down the streets of bloody roses
I wish I didn't know this
I wish I didn't like you
I wish I was inside you

Why do you not know me?
Why am I so lonely?
I'm a special person
There is nothing worse than

Not following your dreams
Not muffling your screams
Don't give up, surrender
To the famous of her

Choking on desire
Come set me on fire
Come and set me loose, then
In the wild and open

As I walk down the streets of burnt-out losers
Beggars can't be choosers
Choosers can't be buyers
Come set me on fire

What's the color of space?
What's the taste of your face?
What is whatnot worth, then?
What is what has not been?


This song has a very sarcastic and melancholy tone. Style like lots of acoustic-grunge. Lyrics in the song that may seem random or nonsensical actually have a deep meaning to me. Thanks for any thoughts, comments, or criticism!