Hi all I have just built a great instrument amp from a 12v car sub-woofer, with a built in preamp. powered by mains or battery. It actually sounds really nice and clean with good resonance for my acoustic guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, and amazing for my electric stompbox etc. but what it does not have is much boost for the microphone volume even when all is turned up.

my setup at the moment is
1. sub-woofer has on the amp. a. gain b. base boost: 0db-12db c. Frequency: 50Hz-250Hz (note the mod done on the sub-woofer bypasses the low pass filter see Acoustic Amplifier)
2. a small portable 4 channel microphone mixer which I plug in instrument, stompbox and microphone.

Today I am looking for a solution for more boost on the microphone preferably something portable with battery power. are there any microphone preamps, pedals and brands, etc you would recommend. or even a small portable battery operated mixer to replace the microphone one currently used.

appreciate any of your ideas on this issue. thanks in advance.
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