Hi, i'm searching tabs for
"Made by Hand
by Andrew McKnight, Chance McCoy & Les Thompson"
It seem they don't exist, but i was hoping that some kind soul could tab the song for me.
I can do a chord version for you.... Once you have the chords for the entire song I believe you can work the rest out as the picking, etc. Is based around those.....
Thank you so much! I don´t want to be a bother but I am hoping you could tab the intro to?
I am a beginner and I am finding it harder than i thought to tab it myself
Ok, I made a tab of what he is playing for the intro... Sounds close but may not be exactly 100% only because the only thing I have to listen to the song is my ipad and those speakers aren't the best in the world to listen to music with.... But I do believe it is a good tab of the intro none the less.....just click on the link to the song as I added it to the original...so now it is all there.
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