Hey everybody.
I'm thinking of putting an 80 gauge string for the six string on my guitar, because I've found that it's the perfect tension I need for my guitar. Though I don't want to drill the current hole, because the higher tension strings might cause damage to the enlarged hole, as the wall sorrounding the hole will be smaller. I was woundering if I could replace the machine head so it could be strong and big enough for 64 (C#) and 80 (B). That is if there are any other sizes possible, or if a baritone tuning peg could work. What do you think?
You may as well drill out the existing ones to see if you don't need replacements. If the tuner is still strong enough, great. You don't need to replace them. If they break, so what? You would've had to replace them if you didn't drill out the existing machine heads anyway.

The existing tuners are most likely going to survive having their holes enlarged.
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I know Meshuggah fans who would widen the holes in their tuners with a drill. But a 64 and an 80 string seem a little crazy.

when I started to use a string supplier as my local shop sucks I found this material works great for this and that material works great for that so I was less concerned about gauge. Some were less flappy and higher tensions, some had an insane amount of bass like half wound strings.. you name it. The newest kind I'm using is thick core GHS Boomers the pure nickle ones. It's a weird gauge 10.5 - 48
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I bought some custom Sperzel tuners that can take a .90 on the lower 2 strings.
Just find an authorized Sperzel dealer and they can order one that can take larger strings.
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