I like to jam the acoustic interlude to "Master of Puppets."

That's kinda fun, sittin' on the porch drinkin' a brewski on a summer day.
"One" has been my very first song I played on my guitar, but...as you might guess...without the second fast part+solo. They needed more attention.
"Whiskey in the Jar."



Don't really play any Metallica anymore as it's not really challenging, at least not in the right way. Sure, I could learn every last note of Blackend, and that would be pretty hard to do, but there's just more interesting things to play now.

Metallica was so.. I don't know.. first twenty-five years of my playing?
"Virtually no one who is taught Relativity continues to read the Bible."

Found myself playing "To Live is To Die" the other day. Just the..

Am - G - E - Dm(F) - Am - G - Em - G part

I could play that for hours. And if I am about to lay a guitar to rest, like smash the bejeezus out of it on the driveway or crush it some other way I always play that bit right before it's demise!!

As much as I really like that part I always felt that song was a piece of shit. It's got a lot of great riffs that don't really go anywhere, kind of lends itself to being the final duct-taped together piece of Metallica work left over from the Cliff era.

Too bad, because if Cliff were alive to see it that probably would have been one epic song.
"Virtually no one who is taught Relativity continues to read the Bible."

I really like playing Dyer's Eve, and master of puppets. The clean section is fun to solo over.
Until It Sleeps because it's troo metalz
"Virtually no one who is taught Relativity continues to read the Bible."

I enjoyed playing Nothing Else Matters
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Master of Puppets is the only correct answer.

For Whom Bell with doom/sludge/etc influenced improv-tangents

Am I Evil? with doom/sludge/etc influenced improv-tangents (I dont care if some other band wrote the song)

Fuel for when your in maximum troll mode
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When I do jam to Metallica it's typically just from Kill Em All. The rhythm parts are so simple and the leads are easily learned in about 15-20 minutes. Those are typically my "warm-up" songs then I dive into the real challenging stuff by other bands
i played For whom the bell tolls when i was 9 years old
this is just the beginning of my journey , at 14 i was playing Seek and Destroy finally i got her , she is the most beautiful creation in my junior high school , at 16 i was playing fade to black in my last prompt night its the first time i fell like a man not kids anymore , at 19 i got Blackened campus homework killing my brain softly , at 21 i become Master of Puppet , finally today i realise it im just King Nothing , but i would not forget in 66 near my last breath i will play To Live is to Die to close my journey
A couple off the top of my head,
Battery, The Four Horseman, Creeping Death, Enter Sandman, Hit the Lights
Metallica songs are always fun to play, not overly challenging but still contain super fun guitar work
"Seek & Destroy" was one of my favourite and fun to play songs. I used to play it almost 15 years ago when I just started learning to play electric guitar.
I love to play master of puppets, even though I haven't really mastered it yet. (Pun fully intended ) the first guitar riff to orion a lot too.
Fight Fire With Fire is often my warmup song. There will always be a special place in my heart for Metallica, as they are chiefly what got me into metal in the 80s, and I never looked back. Though my musical tastes and playing have grown significantly from there, I never forget my roots. I saw them a couple years back and they played almost the whole AJFA album (my fav) perfectly. They haven't lost shit.
Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
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Easiest for me to play is Enter Sandman, favorite at this time has to be Judas Kiss or Don't Tread on Me, 20 years ago it was Harvester of Sorrow, Master of Puppets, and Welcome Home Sanitarium.