I am new to Ultimate Guitar and like the iPad app a lot!

However, I could use a tutorial on tab symbology.

I circled five areas that I have questions about. Would someone please take their valuable time and explain these areas? I numbered them for reference.

I could be slightly wrong but

1. I think this is just an accented note, so you just put a little more emphasis on it I guess.

2. This is called a grace note. So in this particular tab you would start with your finger on the first fret and simultaneously hammer on to the 2nd fret as you pick the note with your other hand and then hold that note for the duration of the beat.

3. Those are ghost notes.

4. that is an 8th note with a slide going down the neck.

5. this is a dotted 8th note, so it's duration is like an 8th note with a tied 16th note I think.

Sorry I can't explain it any better, I only know what these are because i've used guitar pro for like 8 years.