Disney or pixar are pretty good
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Lol, what do you want?

He wants you to rig a custom 3d model and then animate to some MC hammer music (5mins) and it must be rendered at 60fps at 1080p with every possible lighting and shadow settings cranked to the highest (global illumination ftw!!)

Good luck.

Oh and you gotta texture it. Good luck!
Yeah, animation takes crazy lots of time and effort, so you really should be prepared to pay someone out the wazoo for that.

Especially something with a lot of physical human movement and synchronization with music.

Good luck OP. Better start reading.
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You're wanting to commission an animation for a song, I wouldn't bother contacting individuals unless they're advertising they're doing animation commissions.

Put an ad up somewhere, like Newgrounds, or the Deviant art animation/job board, saying what you want, and what you're willing to pay, just say payment is negotiable and set it slightly lower than what you're willing to go.