Nice rhythms dude. Loved it when your melodies kick in. And the layering! Wow, how did you record all this?

It keeps on getting better and better - the drums add a new dimension to it. Very well produced in all.

A very nice feel track - could sit and chill to this. Great piece, loved it!

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Thanks a lot man I appreciate it
I recorded the acoustic Guitar first with my Shure PG81 mic.
I then started recording all the MIDI parts on top to construct a demo. I don't really know how to mix too well so I sent my tracks over as WAVE files to a professional I know who mixed it for me Will check out your song now mate.
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Nice chords and the acoustic recording sounds pristine! Good stuff. Great development with the strings melody too, it really helps take the song to a new level. Looking forward to hearing what you can add to the song with the vocals. Instrumentally it sounds really good, the drums a also sound very good.

Personally I probably would've turned the piano down a little bit as it drowns out the guitar. But other than that it sounds very good! Keep it up

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Beautiful soulful music here, full of melodic sensitivity and warm harmonies. A nostalgically comforting sound that could be the basis for a classic hit record if developed correctly. Although some of the engineering is a bit clumsy, the arrangement is excellent, with the entries and development all working as they should.
The challenge now is to create and record a lyric and vocal to match this fine track.
Also, of course it's too short, could easily be extended another minute or so with the existing material re-structured.
Lots of heartfelt universal emotion here that could have wide commercial appeal.

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nice man! is that a martin? this kinda reminded me of dust in the wind at the start for some reason haha. cant wait to hear vocals on this! rythem is great..it has a nice acoustic feel! I love when the drums come in..it really adds to the track and helps build it. recording quality is very good also..no white noise or anything. I really liked it man. its not too long like allot of stuff on here..it keeps your attention the whole way through crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1675665
Thanks bro! It's a Taylor 210CE. When my step dad retired from being a Fire Fighter he gave me some money and that Acoustic Guitar was my little present to myself :P I'm at work right now but I'll check out your song when I get home mate Looking forward to hearing it. Peace!