im thinking about getting a ibanez 2550z.
i already tried it and im in love.

but i heard, that tuning is a big hassle because of the floating edge.

my question is:

is that true?
i mean i could get a tremolo stopper if necessary.
or is that suspicious wheel on the back of the guitar something like a tune helper?

i would appreciate your help in this matter.
pretty much any floating trem is more hassle than a fixed bridge.

i haven't tried the zero. doesn't it have a defeatable tremstopper built-in, though? Or am I confusing it with another Ibanez trem? EDIT: yep the zps3: http://www.ibanez.co.jp/products/eg_page15.php?year=2015&area_id=3&cat_id=1&series_id=1&data_id=124&color=CL01 (info there if you scroll down to the right)
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thanks a lot for your response

it seems the suspicous wheel does make it easier to tune.
(if i understood it correctly)

but i still wonder how it would work.
doesn´t the other strings loose tension if i tune one string up?
what if i want a D-tuning for example?
do i tune normally like i would tune a hardtail (string by string) and simply adjust the wheel?
The wheel just makes it so you don't need to pull out a screwdriver.

Strings don't lose tension easily with that bridge if you have the ZPS3 in. Bending doesn't move the bridge and breaking a string doesn't completely kill the tuning. That's what makes it easier to tune. It's a lot more stable than most other trems so it's a lot quicker. If you want to tune down, you would do so like any other double-locking trem. Just tune it down and balance the bridge.
thanks alot

now i get the idea of the zp3

i guess i gonna buy that rg 2550z.

again, thank you guys.
The 2550z was my first trem.

I thought it was super easy to tune, personally.
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I've had one for 7 years and it was my first trem as well. It stays in tune extremely well, even if I don't touch it for a month. Don't worry at all about it.
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is there a certain rule to consider when tuning a zp3 that would help a floating trem newbie like me?
As with any floating trem, don't expect it to be as quick as a fixed bridge for changing tuning. And with the ZPS installed, the trem will be relatively stiff. But that's the tradeoff, great double bend stability vs Vai style flutter. You can always remove the ZPS if that's what you're looking for.
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