So I have a Schecter Avenger that suffered some bad damages. The neck is destroyed beyond repair.

I have an old Indiana IS-400 strato-copy, that well, sucks ass. It is an Ash body w/ Maple Neck. But the bridge is shit, fretboard is cracking and electronics "spitfire hbs" sound like garbage.

So I'm considering transplanting the Schecter fretboard (nut width and such is the same) the Floyd Rose, and the Duncan Invaders into the Indiana.

I'm also considering just selling the parts on eBay.

My questions though are #1 what would such parts be worth, used but excellent condition.

#2 what would be the value of my strato-copy, would the parts make a difference or would it just be personal value?

#3 which would you do?
depends on the parts and how salvageable they are. I've sold parts all over the world so it depends on what it is.

it's smart you're using ebay for this but don't forget about local classified sites like craigslist, kijiji (canada) and gumtree (uk). We don't know where the money/sale will come from so it's best to list on as many as you can. What I like about local sales is the cash is 100% yours.

Some tips. With international shipping remember to always go with tracking numbers. Especially to Italy, Mexico and Russia. Tracking numbers assure you your item doesn't get stolen. Besides that bubble wrap and making your own boxes will save you some money.

so in experience
no name tuners , electronics that we don't know the problem to re-wire in most cases are pretty worthless you'd be surprised how many people fear soldering irons. Broken necks maybe you could get a sale out of , I had one guy buy a warped neck off me once.. thought he was nuts but he must have had some wood working background.

in regards to re-selling a strat copy with high end parts for extra cash down the road like flipping or whatever it's personal value. Guys google guitars and all the upgraded parts they don't care about I find. So personal value for sure. If you're bored of the guitar in the end though you can put the low end parts back on and sell. The fact the body isn't plywood or something low end though I can imagine the right parts on it and it'll be good. I mean Fender used ash for a while.

the absolute cheapest I'd sell a strat copy is 50$ for the body and 50$ for the neck prior to shipping, considering the body isn't plywood you may be able to make extra. Just make sure you know the scale length or measure everything you possibly can so people know what they are buying.

what material is the fretboard made out of? if it's rosewood put lemon oil on it as soon as possible if you haven't. If there is no serious fret buzz and all the frets work I'd honestly have fun with it and scallop it or something to get rid of the cracks if they are only a little deep, you're removing enough wood to get rid of any friction under your fingers but to make it professional that is a different story mostly it's a lot of sanding 220 to 2000 grit (ultra fine) to make it look like the guitar was meant to be scalloped on the fretboard. Scalloping provides you with more string control and further bends... but if it's a maple fretboard and the cracks are just in the finish you can always drop fill it but that is a very labor intensive procedure to polish the finish to where the cracks don't show.

the good news is CTS or any high end electronics and paper in oil capacitors (use heat sinks when working with them) aren't super expensive. Try some various string materials and picks as well to fine tune the sound of the guitar. If they are all 2 wire pickups perhaps some 4 wire dimarzio , seymour duncans or something for a heavier sound. Some are just as loud if not louder then humbuckers if you buy the right ones. Lots of other electronics mods and stuff come into consideration but I've already wrote enough for one post.
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Thanks for the input Tallwood. The cracked fretboard is rosewood. It was damaged during a nut change. I'm in good ol USA. Judging from some research, the "good parts" I have ie: the Floyd, Seymour Invaders etc won't sell for much, so I guess I'm going to go ahead and resto-mod my old strat.

The Schecter fretboard is ebony and beautiful. Measures the same as the Indiana so fitment isn't an issue. Switching from the cheap tremolo to the Floyd looks to be the most difficult part, but I'm good with a router.
I would sell the invaders for at least 50-60$ each plus shipping. They are very popular especially if you mention the metallica kill'em all album

the floyd rose.. based on what I sell them for locally
licensed - 30$ if you include th locking nut and all
special - 50$ give or take , see what local people are selling them for
original 1000 (says floyd rose but no made in germany)- 100$ is the going rate on ebay
german schaller floyd rose original - depends on the condition and competition
locally people would come from miles if I do a free installation, say they want it because its a black floyd rose instead of chrome or I just happen to have a nicer bridge.

That is good you can route the guitar. With a floyd rose though the guitarist of Limp Bizket I was bored and saw his me and my guitar video. What I took from it is the two floyd rose posts are not side by side one is a little further up or something along those lines. Here's the video about him talking about it.

this is the video

good luck on the project though
Good info on the Floyd. Mines a black chrome original 1000. Luckily, its mounted to the schecter still and I can make some templates.

That video should be a must watch for any prospecting customizer. Really answers all the "can I....?" Questions.
Is the Schecter neck thru or bolt on?
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Ah shame.
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Ok, so the project has began. Here's an update.

Removing the remains of the mahogany neck from the ebony fretboard proved to be easy. Removing the rosewood from maple neck was a pain. But, it's done. The ebony is a 24 fret, and over hangs where the neck pickup was. So the Strat body will need the cutaway expanded for access.

The strat is an Indiana IS-400, which came with 3 humbuckers in it. In order to fit the Floyd Rose, and have it scale proper, the temolo cavity needed moved 3/4 of an inch closer to the neck.

Right now, my plan is to fill the massive pickup cavity with a wood block. Route for 1 humbucker. Hide my filler work under veneer. Wire it with a 3-way split/series/parallel and a volume.

Oh and I reshaped the "fender" style headstock to more "ibanez"

Didn't really take much for pics, they're a pain to post. But if anyone wants to see I'll snap a few.