So first off I know hardly anything about guitars, which may explain why I'm here.
I was curious if any of you could maybe me help me a lil and let me know what u thought

I have a fender acoustic guitar, signed by brantley gilbert, the model number is CD60 NAT
The date is 12-08-10
It has been in it's original case ever since, apparently since I don't have any idea how to play one lol

So would anyone be willing to give me an estimate or anything on how much it may be worth if it is worth anything?
Thank you

And now it's not letting me add an image, saying it's to big? Anyone know how I could post one?
You probably want to find out how much the signature itself is worth, really. The MSRP on that model of guitar is around $230 USD for a brand new one. I suggest you take it to your local guitar shop and see what they say. They would be able to judge the condition properly.