I wouldn't call my self a novice guitarist at all. I can play majority of open chords- Barre chords- Understand the C.A.G.E.D system and can play along with songs if I have a solid strumming pattern with it.

My major problem is with rhythm. I used to take lessons off a tutor and was progressing at a decent speed but me not showing up for 2 weeks due to having "my wisdom" teeth out and over the festive period means I'm on my own again.

I'm using 5 you tube channels at the minute to improve/learn songs(all be it basic beginner toned down) but I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a decent place to improve my rhythm (whether it be some video lessons/books/website/advice)

Guitar goddess
Todd Downing
Drue James

I'm getting better at picking out strumming patterns, but I want to spend time getting my rhythm up to scratch.