"They Don't Want Me In The Gene Pool"


If I go days without a friend
I get strung out, up in my head
If I read books of poetry
The side of my mother I don't see

The virgin shade that hides my love
When the truth comes out, I get strung up
The way that I perceive the world
I can't rescue the lonely girl

They don't want me in the gene pool
They'll go out and pick a sane fool
They'll go searching for a better tool

When I look on the Internet
All the pictures make me upset
I get strung out all through the week
Gross men trying to catch a peek

My friends don't take me seriously
Most don't know good music really
My friends call me a loser
Say that I can't rescue her

They don't want me to populate
They'll go out and pick an urban great
They'll go searching for a new primate


This song I wrote while alone, in my house. I try not to isolate myself as much anymore, because I have a tendency to have mental breakdowns. The lyrics deal with various things I have trouble with: women, friends, and family. This would be a great modern singer-songwriter piece. Like if Bob Dylan made power-pop.