I just got an Ibanez RG450DX and want to get a tremol-no for it. Do any of you use one? It seems pretty handy. I can't tell which model of it I need though. My guitar has a Edge Zero II tremolo which I don't see on their list of tremolos. I'm thinking the small clamp type is my best bet because it's the most common throughout the Ibanez's.

This is their list of which to use with which tremolos, http://www.tremol-no.com/workswith.asp

Here is the small clamp version: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Allparts-Tremol-No-Tremolo-Locking-Device---Small-Clamp-H71941-i1820300.gc

Large clamp: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Allparts-Tremol-No-Tremolo-Locking-Device---Large-Clamp-104908009-i1820317.gc

Pin type: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Allparts-Tremol-No-Tremolo-Locking-Device---Pin-Type-H71947-i1820306.gc

What do you guys think? Thanks for your help!
you may wnat to shoot them an e-mail as it may not work properly with certain ibanez trem systems. better to ask now and be sure tan to spend money on something that won't work properly.
Just get this instead. http://www.neckcheckguitar.com/tremolo%20guitar%20repair%20tools.html

I was looking at a tremol-no a while back, but ultimately decided that it looked like more hassle than it's worth. Plus I read a bunch of reviews where people said that the thumb screw sticks out far enough that you can't put your back panel cover plate back on once it's installed.
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